When you have been granted user access you can choose to contribute to the database by uploading your own datasets.
Please read the information below for more information.

Researchers can contribute with their surface profiles, surface statistics and/or flow measurements to the database after requesting user access. Upon approval, the users are granted priviliges to create database entries and upload data.

For each roughness a separate database entry should be created, and they are automatically named using the following convention:

Roughness type_Arrangement_Flow type_Data source_Descriptor_Author_year
Example: Hom_Irreg_Channel_Exp_GaussianPSD-Surface1_Flack_2020

The entries contain three subfolders; “Surfaces”, “Flow documentation” and “Papers”. In the “Surfaces” subfolder the contributor uploads the associated data they wish to share. A MATLAB ® routine is provided in the database that generates a spreadsheet file of surface statistics to provide uniform format across the database.

In the “Flow documentation” subfolder the contributor uploads a table of basic flow parameters. A spreadsheet template is provided but additional flow parameters can be included. Finally the researcher may choose to upload any journal papers (subject to copyright permissions), conference papers, theses or reports related to their roughness data in the “Papers” subfolder.

Detailed instructions are provided in the roughness database readme file provided below.


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and the
University of Southampton
that enabled us to establish this database.

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